Watch to 5k

The Couch to 5K running program on your Apple Watch

Train to run 5K in 9 weeks with just your Apple Watch. No need to carry your phone.

Couch to 5K running program for apple watch. App Run screen


Works without your phone

Watch to 5K is a fitness app that can be used to coach users up to running a 5K in just nine weeks by following the Couch to 5K program.

Built from the ground up to work independently on the Apple Watch without the need for your iPhone.

Tracks Distance, Calories, Average speed and Heart Rate while you run.

Sessions are stored to Apple Health and count towards your activity goals.

Couch to 5K walk screen on Apple Watch
Watch to 5K run program 9 week list screen

Track your progress

Watch to 5K allows you to track your progress and awards trophies for completed runs.

Runs from the Couch to 5K program can be easily repeated, allowing you to go at a pace that suits you.

Completed runs can be views in the Workouts Section of the Activity App on your iPhone.

Listen to your music or podcasts while you run

Watch to 5K works alongside your preferred music player or podcast watch app so you can enjoy your own audio while you run.

The inbuilt virtual coach lets you know when its time to walk or run by automatically 'dipping' the volume of your music.

Know when to head home with a handy prompt at the halfway point.

Listen to your music while doing Couch to 5K program on your apple watch without your phone

User Reviews

Hundreds of people are getting of the couch and learning to run 5K with the app. Here is what a few of our users have had to say:

This app really allows you to leave your iPhone at home and go for a run. I just finished week one with my AirPods and my Apple Watch and it was flawless. Syncs great with the Health app too. Get this app!


Perfect standalone app. I had been looking for an app on the watch which let me try this plan without my phone and this fits the bill perfectly. Running with a phone and wired headphones just feels so cumbersome and wrong, yet thanks to this app I feel free!


This is great easy to use app that has all you need to do the couch to 5k program on your watch. I really like the vocal prompts that the app gives over the headphones and the fact that I can listen to music while I run.

Fiona Hagan

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Available on the Apple App Store

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